Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva

Gelateria Copacabana
  • Pastry
  • Italy
  • renato tranca
    renato tranca
  • Stef Noblet
    Stef Noblet
    Le Baron noir
    Filet de maquereau fumé au bois d amandier pulpe de citron amer pomme de terre vapeur#cuisinier#foodporn#restaurant#cuisine
  • Nitta Nakamura
    Nitta Nakamura
    PEDIMENT ペディメント
    仔羊 有明海苔とシェーブルチーズ
  • Jimmy Beauregard
    Jimmy Beauregard
    Archibald microbrasserie Trois-Rivières
    linguini putanesca, pain, thon coriandre gratiné
  • 悟司 遠山
    悟司 遠山
    熟成肉 HISUI201
  • Marco Menon
    Marco Menon
    chef de partie
  • Itaru Ogasawara
    Itaru Ogasawara
    Restaurant consultant
    Lamb marinated with sweet vinegar, eel cream, white asparagus
    仔羊のアグロドルチェ 鰻のクレマとホワイトアスパラ
  • 耀民 陳
    耀民 陳
  • Yoshida Makoto
    Yoshida Makoto
    レストラン ラ ナチュール
    白石温麺 a la nature
  • 政也 深海
    政也 深海
  •  Chef Bulut
    Chef Bulut
    Chef at Lokal Mediterranean kitchen New York
  • Official Foodion
    Official Foodion
    New interview released of Mr. Takayoshi Watanabe (Teru Sushi). Please check out the latest interview.
    I want the customers to have fun. Customer usually comment on how fun it was rather than how delicious it was. I use the best ingredients, so the taste is a given. I have to add something to the taste to make it a fun experience. Here at Teru Sushi, that “something” is performance. I want to communicate with them and ensure that they are enjoying themselves. If I’m able to get that feeling across, they will leave happy with the service.
  • Bia Rungsihirunrat
    Bia Rungsihirunrat
    Crowne plaza Vientiane
  • Tan Tyler
    Tan Tyler
  • Ferdy Sada
    Ferdy Sada
    Caffe and Resto
    Simple sushi
  • みずき 杉之原
    みずき 杉之原
  • Dadeye Diakité
    Dadeye Diakité
    Hôtel nktt
  • Irina Bogdanovich
    Irina Bogdanovich
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz Rivera
    Juan Carlos Ruiz Rivera
    Tradewinds Restaurant
  • diego ivan
    diego ivan
    hotel balneario de puente viesgo
    ensalada de bacalao al romesco
  • diego ivan
    diego ivan
    hotel balneario de puente viesgo
    flor de calabacin en tempura con jugo de calabaza
  • Kenn Chen Tungala
    Kenn Chen Tungala
    sushi platter
  • Shay spear
    Shay spear
    Organicos Bakery
    sous vide pork belly. ñora Chile mojo. gastrique apples. padron peppers. celery leaf.
  • Bia Rungsihirunrat
    Bia Rungsihirunrat
    Crowne plaza Vientiane
  • YatMei Cheng
    YatMei Cheng
    strawberry chmoussssse cake ( cheese cake taste , mousse texture ) with only 2 table spoon of maple syrup ! no other sugar added.