Bearman  Antony
Bearman  Antony

Bearman Antony

HarbourView Restaurant
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  • Australia
  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar
    Safir International Hotel Kuwait
  • Johnny Cho
    Johnny Cho
    お久しぶりです hello everybody!
    This is the new creative dish
    54C Sous vide duck breast with mint yoghert sauce, beetroot pickling baby onion, Chilli oil baby carrot, Chives foam and Korean Kimchi.
    By Johnny
  • Official Foodion
    Official Foodion
    飲食求人 クックビズ
    Hiroshi Yamaguchi / Koube Kitano Hotel
    Brittany Lobster Salad
    Vol. 1: Prepping the Brittany Lobsters
    Please check it out from movie tab.
    山口 浩 / 神戸北野ホテル アッシュ
  • Shaheel Ramdowar
    Shaheel Ramdowar
    hennessy park hotel
    Duck aiguilettes cooked sous vide#vegetables fricasser#orange gastrite#potato fondant#tuile#beetroot gel.
  • Pavle Kovacevic
    Pavle Kovacevic
    Restoran "Stambolijski"