Official Foodion
Official Foodion
【The 3rd Foodion Photo Award】
【第3回Foodionフォトアワード」を開催します! 】
The 3rd Foodion Photo Award features "The food for a hot day".
第3回目となる今回のお題は、“暑い日に食べたい料理” です!

We will present a humble but useful Handmade kitchen scissors to 3 selected winning contestants.

"I have full confidence on this one!"
"My customers always repeat it when they come here."

Post a photo that shows off your original dish with seafood or freshwater fish together with its main description and the hashtag "#FoodionPA03" (or in small letters:#foodionpa03 ) on the Foodion app.

[Application period]
August 1st, 2019 to August 31th, 2019.

Don't pass on the chance to win the 3rd Foodion Photo Award!

第3回目となる今回のお題は、“暑い日に食べたい料理” です!



画像と共に、食材、こだわりやポイントをハッシュタグ「#FoodionPA03」(#foodionpa03 ※小文字も可)をつけて、Foodionアプリ内に投稿下さい。