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Foodion Official
We publish the interview of Chef Keizo Sugimoto of Restaurant La FinS, Tokyo
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Chef Keizo Sugimoto:
The P&L statement was a mess for the first 2 years and 20 million yen running cost was almost gone. What I realized after opening was that I was too optimistic about Japanese customers.
Even I trained in France for 12 years, I never trained in a famous restaurant. I think it was inappropriate to bring names of 3 starred restaurant which I trained or worked for just a short time, so I did put down those big names to my profile.
But Japanese customers liked brand more than I thought, and they do not really come to the restaurant of a chef that does not have careers with famous restaurants or masters.
At such time what became a breakthrough was participating a contest for young chefs called, “RED U=35”. I was right before turning 35 years old and people around me recommended me to join as it would be the last chance considering my age.

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