Official Foodion
Official Foodion
New interview released of Mr. Takashi Kinoshita (Château de Courban & SPA NUXE). Please check out the latest interview.

I don’t think about going out in the future and opening up my own place to work as owner and chef. I think that my work is a lot more fruitful with the type of restrictions that I have in place now rather than have my own space that lets me do whatever I want.

I think the real basis of living life as a chef is to be flexible so that just food alone is more than enough for you. Basically you can’t go around and ask for everything. Just making food that I’m not ashamed of is enough for me. This means that the conditions in which I work in comes secondary. So with that in mind, I don’t think much about opening up my own place. Making food that I can get behind is all it takes to leave me feeling satisfied.

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