Official Foodion
Official Foodion
New interview released of Mr. Tanaka Kazuyuki (Restaurant Racine). Please check out the latest interview.

Mr. Takayama:
Oh, and I wanted my foreign customers to find the food delicious, so I changed the sushi vinegar as well.

Originally, we made Edomae style sushi, so I ordered red vinegar and used that, but it seemed that foreign customers found this hard to eat, that they felt that it had a strong and peculiar taste. In the beginning, red vinegar was a second rate vinegar for common people called “Ostusu,” so, in today’s time period, it might be better to use a more delicious rice vinegar. That’s what I thought, and I switched to rice vinegar.

I even changed the balance of the sushi vinegar depending on the season. In the hot summer season, I made the sourness firmer, and in the winter I would put it in the fire for a slightly long time in order to soften the sourness.