Official Foodion
Official Foodion
Foodion Ambassador Project, Start.

"I want to send messages on exploring the possibilities of cooking to the world!"
"I'd like to grow and prosper in cooking with Foodion going forward!"

If you have same thoughts as above, why not apply for “Foodion Ambassador”?

What is "Foodion Ambassador"?
It refers to the users who agree on our concept of "Make food more creative" and want to grow and prosper in cooking with Foodion by participating in Foodion related activities.

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・「Make food more creative.(食をもっと面白く)」という理念のもと、Foodion運営と一緒に、Foodionを盛り上げていただけるユーザー様のことです。

・お店に貼れる「Foodionアンバサダーシール」& 「Foodionカード」& 「カードスタンド」を進呈!

2018年10月22日(月)日本時間10:00 ~ 2018年11月30日(金)日本時間23:59 まで