Official Foodion
Official Foodion
New interview released of Mr. Motoi Maeda (MOTOÏ). Please check out the latest interview.

While we advertise that we are pursuing a comfortable work environment, we may say the opposite thing. I tell candidates during the interviews that we are a “black” company (refers to company that does long working hour). Working hours can be shortened any number of ways using various methods.

Then I ask this question.

“For example, it takes more than ten hours to make Fond De Veau (veal and vegetable stock). If you outsource, it will take 0 minutes, but your experience will also be 0. What would you do?”

Then everyone says, “I want to make it myself.”

By doing so, they understand why it takes time and what the purpose is. Those people stick around. It is not always right to simply shorten your working hours. Our job is to provide dishes that cannot be cooked at home.

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