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◼Foodliner Limited.

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  • I am advertising or are considering advertisement for restaurant owner/worker, but it is difficult to measure effect with paper medium, or do not feel the proper effect.
  • I would like to approach people in the food and beverage industry in a more efficient way.
  • I would like people in the food and beverage industry to know more about my company and my products/services.
  • I would like to have chefs/cooks involved in product development and events.
  • I would like to expand sales channels. My company is recognized by certain type of food networks (for example, Italian food industry etc.), but other categories of food networks are not approached.
  • I would like a variety of food professionals to try my product.
  • I would like to conduct questionnaire among chefs/cooks regarding my products/services.
  • I would like to collaborate with various food professionals and make impact to the food and beverage industry.
  • Other issues regarding food business.