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This is the “Chugokusai S Sawada,” a restaurant that has earned a Michelin star within as little as a year of its opening and become so popular that now customers have to make reservations more than three months in advance. Mr. Sawada, the owner and chef, is one of few Japanese chefs who have been trained in Hong Kong, the best place for this, and learned the essence of Chinese cuisine. A great number of food items suggested by Mr. Sawada, first of all the crispy chicken featured on the menu on the signboard, can be called meals that, in a sense, turn the established concept of Chinese cuisine as entertained in Japan on its head.
This time, Mr. Sawada, the owner and chef of the “Chugokusai S Sawada,” has kindly allowed me to film two dishes, “Crispy chicken” and “Chilled rice vermicelli with sea urchin roe and truffles.”

Mr. Sawada has kindly allowed me to film himself as he commented on his original tricks and ideas.


Interview of Mr.Sawada Shuhei, Owner Chef of Chugokusai S Sawada

Incorporating Japanese and French cuisine into authentic Chinese cuisine, bringing a new perspective to Chinese cuisine with carefully chosen ingredients

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Sawada Shuhei │ Chugokusai S Sawada

Cooking Technique Movie: Chugokusai S Sawada


Crispy Chicken

Vol. 1: Seasoning

Vol. 1: Seasoning
In order to create a crispy skin, I am going to prepare a mixture of *mizuame, vinegar, and water.
For preliminary seasoning, I am going to prepare salt, five-spice powder, and ginger powder called sand ginger powder.
I am going to rub the five-spice powder and ginger powder into the chicken.
I am going to give a thorough rubbing to the thick parts such as the thighs and breast.
It depends on the thickness of meat as well, and it will stand like this for about 30 minutes.
* starch syrup, similar to corn syrup

I am going to drizzle some hot water to wash away the salt and the like and drain the water, apply the mixture of mizuame, vinegar, and water, and then leave it to dry.
It depends on the season, too, but at this time of the year, it will take about six hours, I guess. I judge by the look of it.
In the winter, it will take a bit less.

How many chickens are served a day?

As 1 chicken is enough for 4 to 5 servings, I prepare 3 to 4 chickens.

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Rice vermicelli with sea urchin roe and truffles

Vol. 1: Preparing the ingredients

I am going to prepare two kinds of sea urchin roe, one for mixing and one for decorating on top.
The one for decorating is red sea urchin roe.

The ingredients change with the seasons.
I use tomatoes before the rainy season, and sea bream tied with kelp and red mullet roe and the like after the winter comes.

I am going to mix the sea urchin roe for mixing and egg yolks.
Next, I am going to parboil the rice vermicelli.

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Restaurant Information: Chugokusai S Sawada

■ Access
New Masago Bldg 1F 4-6-28 Nishitenma Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka

8 min walk from Kitahama station on Subway Sakaisuji line

■ Tel

Lunch 11:30-13:00 (L.O.)
Dinner 17:00-21:00 (L.O.)

■ Closed
Irregular holidays