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Kizugawa is a quiet suburb located in the southern tip of Kyoto. Far from the centers of Osaka and Kyoto, Kizugawa isn’t a major transportation hub or sightseeing spot. It’s just another provincial town with an all-too-familiar tranquil landscape.
Located here is Ristorante Nakamoto. Ever since opening in 2011, the restaurant has drawn in a range of customers, from famous chefs to picky epicureans, all the way to this quiet town.
Chef Akihiro Nakamoto was in charge of making pasta for four years at the Michelin three-star restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. His unique and contemporary take on Italian cuisine has been a big hit with customers.
We had the opportunity to film Chef Nakamoto making two dishesー Agnolotti in Brodo and Panino.


Cooking Technique Movie: Ristorante nakamoto


Vol 1: Making the dough

Panino is like a generic term for sandwiches.
I’m going to be wrapping ham, salami, herbs, and pickles in a crisp bread.
This is the flour I’ll be using to make the sandwich bread.

Q:You make everything from scratch.

Exactly. There’s a lot of effort involved, but I can make it the size and thickness I want.
Unlike pasta, this doesn’t need any hot water, so I’m going to be making it like a vacuum so that there’s no air in the dough.

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Agnolotti in Brodo

Vol. 1: Making the dough

I’ll first mix the egg yolk and flour.
I use an egg called “Yoshida Egg” and I have it especially made for pasta.
When I’m kneading it, the stretch it produces is really different. It’s great.

For flour, I use the coarsely-textured semolina flour.
I have it ground in Japan. It comes out really fine and it’s great for making pasta.

Rather than mixing the dough with my fingertips, I’m actually rubbing them together.
I let air in but ensure not to activate the gluten too much.
If you knead it until its smooth, I think it puts stress on the dough. I try not to put in too much strength when I knead it and also let the dough rest for a couple of days to take off the stress.

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