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Standing quietly in the residential area of Tamatsu, Osaka is Izakaya Nagahori, a popular place frequented by noted individuals from a variety of fields and people working in the
restaurant industry. Nagahori is particular about it’s sake and making dishes that complement the sake. It aims to deliver first rate dishes that make the most of the combinations of food and sake. Neither the dishes, nor the sake would taste the same if they were served separately. It is the wishes of the owner, Mr. Nakamura, that Nagahori is an izakaya.

We had the opportunity to film two of Izakaya Nagahori’s signature dishes “Hairy crab with jelly” and “Edamame shinjo soup.”


Interview of Mr.Shigeo Nakamura, Owner Chef of Nagahori

Customers taught me all of the important things.

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Shigeo Nakamura │ Nagahori

Cooking Technique Movie: Nagahori

Hairy crab with jelly

Vol.1:Handling the hairy crab

Q. Is there a particular season or period when you can get hairy crabs?
A. Hairy crabs are caught in some place or the other all year round. In spring, it’s the Okhotsk Sea, in summer, it’s the Uchiura Bay, in Autumn, it’s Kushiro. Fishermen are only allowed to catch male hairy crabs. Females are off limits. It’s an ingredient that I can offer all throughout the year, making it one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Q. Is there anything you are careful about when you are doing this?
A. A number of crabs are shelled in a day, so being speedy is important. However, I try to ensure that bones and cartilage are not left, as much as possible.

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Edamame shinjo soup


Q. What kind of dish is shinjo?
A. Shinjo is Japanese dish made of mashed shrimp, crab, fish, flavored with yam, egg white, and dashi. It is then steamed, boiled or fried. I’ll be making a soup with it today.
This season, I’m using edamame, but the ingredients change season by season.

– Blend the edamame and dashi in a mixer
– Chop an appropriate amount of yam and blend in a mixer
– Whip the egg yolk and use as a joining agentRead more…

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Restaurant Information: Nagahori

■ Access
1-3-9 Kami-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

5 minutes on foot from Tamatsu station

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Sundays and public holidays