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Osaka, Kitashinchi. The 3rd floor of a building on the northside of Kenrakudori. After opening in 2012, Sushi Hoshiyama earned a Michelin star in just one year. Mr. Hoshiyama, a talented young sushi artisan, has allowed me to photograph him as he prepares Edomae-zushi, a sushi style which has been handed down for generations.
Sushi Hoshiyama stocks up on approximately 15 types of sushi toppings each day, and Mr. Hoshiyama works from morning until evening carefully preparing each type of fish. In this interview, Mr. Hoshiyama will explain how to prepare vinegared rice and the current seasonal ingredients: mackerel, tilefish, skipjack, halfbeak, and clams.


Interview of Mr.Tadashi Hoshiyama, Owner Chef of Sushi Hoshiyama

A chef who found his life’s passion in crafting sushi, which he likens to a stage where he plays the lead role.

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Tadashi Hoshiyama │ Sushi Hoshiyama

Cooking Technique Movie: Sushi Hoshiyama


Preparation Summary

■Preparing Vinegared Rice
About sushi rice
We use rice from Ibaraki prefecture.

First, I remove any burnt pieces of rice, and mix in vinegar and salt. This must be done immediately after the rice has finished cooking.

The rice must be hard-boiled, so you can feel the individual grains in your mouth.

Mix the rice with cutting motions so that you don’t squish the grains. I think this is a good amount of vinegared rice to make at a time. If you try to make a lot all at once, you get a different sort of vinegared rice. So I will make vinegared rice separately in two times.

We don’t fan the rice to cool it down, but rather because the air gives it a glossy finish.

To make sure the rice doesn’t cool down, I keep it warm inside a water-bath until the restaurant opens. At the moment, I’m using boiling water, but in the summer, I would use room temperature water.

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Restaurant Information: Sushi Hoshiyama

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3F, Taniyasurowa-Bld. , 1-9-9, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osa-ka City, Osaka

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