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Brittany Lobster Salad

Vol. 1: Prepping the Brittany Lobsters

This dish uses Lobster from Brittany. The sauce is made from the brain, and the body is used in the salad.
We purchase the lobster from the Brittany region of France by direct air transport. Let me assure you: even among lobsters, these particular lobsters are a high quality ingredient!
It has become possible to get this kind of ingredient even within Japan, but when I first returned to Japan in the 1990s, after my training in France, it was impossible to get your hands on these.
Because of this, I really wanted to use these as an ingredient, so I started to buy them on my own. We’re not talking about this restaurant, but another restaurant I used to work at. Anyway, I think that this other restaurant was probably the first one in Japan to use these Brittany lobsters as an ingredient.
In this sense, I have a lot of deep memories attached to this ingredient.

Vol. 2: Lobster Sauce

I first put the brains that I just took out of the lobster into a mixer.
I then proceed to strain it, in order to remove the shell and other impurities.

Next, I take the liquid that I set aside from the lobster’s head, to use as a soup stock, and I mix in the brains. When you add a bit of heat, the slightly greenish brains from before will change to a bright and lively orange color. This will become the base of the sauce.

I then heat it thoroughly, pushing the paste through a strainer one more time in order to make sure it stays smooth and doesn’t get too clumpy.

Into this smoothed out sauce, I add a bit of salt and pepper, and some Tourangelle oil. By putting in this oil, the sauce will take on the fragrant smell of tree nuts. I then put in just a tiny bit of Sherry Vinegar to add a slight acidic taste, and the sauce is complete.

Vol. 3: Lobster “medallion” cut and homemade caviar

I steam the lobster, and then take the body. If you put the lobster in boiling water, even for a moment, the particles that make it taste good will get out. That’s why we steam it. Steaming is a wonderful method of cooking. It is the most powerful way to add heat to an item of food.

Now I am going to cut the lobster that I just took out. This is the “medallion” cutting method, in which you cut the meat into the shape of a medallion. I then place what I just cut on the plate.

At our restaurant, we buy one sturgeon, take out the eggs, and prepare homemade caviar.

In this dish also, we mix in French parsley to the homemade caviar, as well as some cucumbers to add a bit of texture. These go well with caviar.


Vol. 4: Plate arrangement

I first spread out the lobster sauce in the middle, and then place the lobster on top. This dish is an hors d’oeuvre, and is therefore the first dish we serve. This means that this dish is important to the feeling of the entire restaurant, so I think that the design of the dish is also a very important factor. It has to be something that will be enjoyable to look at, and will make you feel excitement for the dishes that are still to come.

My goal in this dish is to get you to enjoy lobster, and so it is lobster that I am trying to express on the plate.
Then we place the homemade caviar from before. Luxurious, isn’t it! (laugher)
As for the claws, we roast them in butter in order to produce a fragrant aroma.
Finally, at the end, we add a herb salad with lemon dressing.
It really feels like the entire lobster has come back to this one plate, doesn’t it!


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