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Vol 1: Making the dough

It takes 20 hours to prepare the dough.

The flour we use is called Molina Dallagiovanna and it’s imported from abroad. It’s kind of like an all purpose flour.
We’re the only restaurant in Japan that uses flour of this quality. We procure flour that you can’t find anywhere else in Japan.
Usually, flour is cleaned by brushing of impurities, but this type is washed with water. It works well to get rid of impurities and the results are completely different.

I first mix the flour, semolina flour, toasted flour, and Sicilian salt with a whisk. Making a depression in the center, I add water bit by bit and mix it with a rubber spatula.
Instead of pressing it down all at once, I knead it by massaging it gently. The key is to knead it in a way that leaves the bowl clean when you’re done. Otherwise, you’d upset an Italian mother (haha).

I’ll be kneading it bit by bit.
If it’s still hard, I spray some water on it.
Afterwards, I’ll put it in a plastic bag and let it sit for three hours. Three hours later, I’ll knead it again. This process is repeated four times.
The one on the left is a complete version.

Vol 2: Shaping the pasta

Unused dough can dry up easily, so it should be kept in a bag.
I’ll cut out the amount I need and stretch it out like a pole.
(The orecchiette will be prepared with an ordinary meat knife).
The shape is cut out by pressing a knife onto the dough.

Now, I’ll be boiling it. I’ll let it boil for about five minutes.
It has the same amount of salt concentration as seawater.
Using water that other pasta was boiled in is a good idea. The aroma of the flour still remains and makes the pasta more delicious.
I’ll be using the leaves and tips of Puglia turnips.
I cut the thick parts vertically and boil the turnips with the orecchiette.


Vol 3: Making the sauce

I first add some olive oil to the frying pan. Then, I put in some homemade anchovy paste and vegetable broth.
I also sauté breadcrumbs in olive oil separately.
I then fry the boiled pasta with the anchovy paste and broth. Then, I add some anchovies, salt and olive oil.
The dish is served on a plate and topped with the breadcrumbs. It’s complete.


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