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Truffle Brammantier

Vol. 1: Black truffle puree sauce

There are a number of different ways to prepare truffles: grating, julienne cutting (long thin strips), pureeing (boil it down and press it through a strainer). Also, depending on the cut and the kind of oil you use, the taste will be completely different. The truffle is an ingredient with many different faces, and those who only know one of these faces will never be able to draw out its full appeal.

In the dish I am going to be preparing this time, I have prepared julienned truffle; thinly cut, boiled, and then pureed truffle; and truffle that has been made into a foam.

Vol. 2: Egg white and egg yolk Brammantier

The word “brammantier” comes from the French for “white” (blanc) and “to eat” (manger).
The egg yolk is first wrapped in a softly standing meringue and heated. The contrast between the white of the meringue and the black truffle leaves a strong impression.

I first stir the egg white, then put it in a container and shape it.
I then put the egg yolk in, put the egg white on top, and steam it.

Vol. 3: Plate arrangement

On top of the truffle puree sauce, I place the egg from before, and then put the foam made from truffle puree on top of everything.
This is a new kind of mushroom. Sometimes you can find them on Mount Rokka. (laughter)

Then, on top of this, add the julienned truffle and the dish is complete. That’s a lot of truffle, isn’t it!

This will be done in front of customers. This production makes you feel a rich feeling, doesn’t it!

The ingredients are just egg and truffle, so this is a simple and not very luxurious dish. I would like my customers to be able to fully taste the charm of the truffle.


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