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Tempura “Oyster”,”Fukinoto”

Preparing oysters

First, I clean the oysters with grated daikon radish to remove the dirt.

Q: Why do you clean them with grated daikon?

There are places that clean oysters with salt, but doing that also removes the moisture from the insides. While it does take some effort, this is how I clean it with grated daikon.

This oyster can be used as is, but some oysters can be too soft, depending on where they were derived from. In that case, I would lightly put it through hot water, and then leave it on ice to make it more firm.

I makes changes to the preparation method for the same ingredient, depending on the season or where it’s from.

Tips on how to fried Oysters

Most tempura restaurants don’t make oyster tempura. This is because the oil can get dirty. Our restaurant changes the oil several times a day, so we fry the oysters right before changing the oil.
It’s also for that reason that I made the effort to clean the oysters with grated daikon just before.

I keep an eye on how much the heat has passed through the inside and take it out at a suitable time. The best time to take out an oyster is when its bottom floats up slightly.
If a little oil is put on it when frying, the oil falls off due to osmotic pressure and you wouldn’t have to shake off the oil too much. Of course, it varies according to the temperature of the oil and its quality.

Tips on how to fried “Fukinoto”

The color is beautiful and I’ll be frying it at a low temperature to show off the color.
I use the sounds, the bubbles, and the color to give me a sense of how much it should be fried.

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