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Fo Tiao Qiang

Vol 1: Ingredients used for the Fo Tiao Qiang

Chef Wong:
Fo Tiao Qiang is a traditional and high end steamed soup. The name of this dish originates from the idea that it’s so delicious that even a monk would jump over the temple’s walls to eat it. Mainly constituting of dry elements, top class ingredients are used for this dish. It takes a week to finish making it. The soup is high in nutrients and tonics and it is one of our specialties.

For this soup, I will be using dried abalone, dried scallop, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried kinugasa mushrooms, ginseng, red dates, Chinese wolfberry, Jinhua ham, and beef shank. I change the ingredients seasonally.
These items can also be eaten with the soup.

There are various processes involved with reverting these ingredients from their dried form. For example, the dried scallops take a lot of effort— they have to be soaked and cooked over and over again for eight days.
It takes eight days to revive the dry ingredients, two days to add them to the soup and steam them, so it takes ten days in total to prepare this soup.

Today the dry ingredients I’ll be using are already ready to be cooked and I’ll be showing you the last steps before the dish is served.

Vol.2: Arranging the dishes in the pot

Chef Wong:
First I’ll be blanching the meat to get rid of the smell, and then I’ll be lightly boiling it with other ingredients that need to be heated.
I’ll be steaming the items, so I’m going to put each of them into the pot.

I’ll add a little salt and pepper to the chicken broth I prepared beforehand. After adjusting the flavor, I’ll wrap and steam it with the other ingredients.

Vol.3: Steam and serve

Chef Wong:
The soup is steamed for five hours. After streaming it for a long time, I’m going to leave it aside for a long time. I won’t be serving this soup to the customers today. After putting it aside for a while, I serve the soup after steaming it for another hour. That’s when it’s actually complete.
The ingredients release juices, changing the color and aroma of the soup.
It’s high in nutrients and tonics, and it really warms up the body. It’s great for preventing colds!



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