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Crispy Chicken

Vol. 1: Seasoning

Vol. 1: Seasoning
In order to create a crispy skin, I am going to prepare a mixture of *mizuame, vinegar, and water.
For preliminary seasoning, I am going to prepare salt, five-spice powder, and ginger powder called sand ginger powder.
I am going to rub the five-spice powder and ginger powder into the chicken.
I am going to give a thorough rubbing to the thick parts such as the thighs and breast.
It depends on the thickness of meat as well, and it will stand like this for about 30 minutes.
* starch syrup, similar to corn syrup

I am going to drizzle some hot water to wash away the salt and the like and drain the water, apply the mixture of mizuame, vinegar, and water, and then leave it to dry.
It depends on the season, too, but at this time of the year, it will take about six hours, I guess. I judge by the look of it.
In the winter, it will take a bit less.

How many chickens are served a day?

As 1 chicken is enough for 4 to 5 servings, I prepare 3 to 4 chickens.


Vol. 2: The way of deep-frying

Now I am going to fry it.
The temperature of the oil is 135 degree Celsius (275 degrees Fahrenheit).
I am going to sprinkle the seasoned and dried chicken with the oil.

Is it no good to put it in the oil at once?

The thickness of the meat varies, so it will not be good.
Next, I am going to arrange it on a plate.


Vol. 3: Finishing and arranging

I am going to cut it into manageable chunks.
I am going to wipe the top of the cutting board dry thoroughly, as any moisture on it will cause the skin to become undone.

When I worked in Hong Kong, I did preliminary frying so that no moisture would come out.
It is a dish where the emphasis is on the skin, but it is meaningless unless the meat itself is delicious.
After all, much of what is edible is meat.

I believe it is good that the meat, too, can be eaten with gusto, and this is perhaps what is different from the Hong Kong practice.

After the chicken is cut into manageable chunks and arranged on the plate, the meal is ready to be served.


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