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Rice vermicelli with sea urchin roe and truffles

Vol. 1: Preparing the ingredients

I am going to prepare two kinds of sea urchin roe, one for mixing and one for decorating on top.
The one for decorating is red sea urchin roe.

The ingredients change with the seasons.
I use tomatoes before the rainy season, and sea bream tied with kelp and red mullet roe and the like after the winter comes.

I am going to mix the sea urchin roe for mixing and egg yolks.
Next, I am going to parboil the rice vermicelli.


Vol. 2: Finishing

I am going to boil the rice vermicelli, cut to a manageable size, for five and a half minutes, and then tighten it in cold water and drain them.
I am going to toss the vermicelli with white sesame oil and the sea urchin roe and egg-yolk sauce I described a while ago, and then I am going to mix the vermicelli with chilled Chinese soup.
This is done in order to dilute it and make it easy to eat rather than to season it.

I am going to adjust the taste by adding salt.

Is it better to taste food and make adjustments while cooking?

It is awesome.
I taste the food so as to bring it as closely as possible to the perfect taste I picture in my mind, and to check if , by any chance, I put in the wrong ingredients or made some other mistake.

Next, I am going to arrange it on a plate.


Vol. 3: Arranging on a plate

I am going to arrange the vermicelli on a plate and slap the sea urchin roe on top.
I am going to add a dash of soy sauce and put some green onion sprouts for color and accent.

Last, I am going to add some truffles.
Because I want them intertwined with vermicelli, I am going to grate them rather than slice them.
After arranging the truffles, the meal is ready to be served.

Where did you get the idea of combining sea urchin roe and truffles from?

At first, it was tomato that was combined with rice vermicelli.
By nature, I like cappellini.
Sea urchin roe is a foodstuff matching this season, and if this is made Chinese style, I guess it is rice vermicelli then.

You see, it starts with things I like.
Because I will not serve meals that I believe will not be delicious.


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