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Seseri (chicken neck)


Preparation: Seseri (chicken neck)

While this is a yakitori shop, this seseri is the most popular item for A la carte order.

Seseri comes from the word “seseru” in Japanese, meaning to cut up something into tiny pieces. It’s made from finely chopped chicken neck. Different regions can have different names for this dish.

First I’ll be separating the parts that would be more delicious on a skewer from the parts that would be minced for the meatballs.
The more solid parts go into the skewer, and everything else becomes minced. The bloody portions are thrown away.

I’m putting in the meat into the skewers. I shape it by folding and twisting the meat. Here, we try to put in three skewers worth of meat into one skewer and wind it firmly. It prevents the meat juices from escaping and makes the ingredients taste more delicious. The dish has plenty of volume, giving customers a high level of satisfaction.


Grilling: Seseri

The seseri is grilled after adding some salt and sprinkling some water. In contrast to the muneniku, this one is grilled properly, so it takes more time. I keep an eye on the color and condition of the meat, so that I know when it’s ready.
The first bite has some black pepper on it, with salt added until the second bite. Then it’s ready.


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