An earnest chef-come-researcher who avoids fixed ideas and freely tackles ingredients face on.

Toyonaka Sakurae
Kenji Mitsuda

Toyonaka Sakurae Kenji Mitsuda

The desire to make cuisine that people remember.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations for the future?

Mr. Mitsuda:
While in Japan, I would like to think of dishes that I could introduce to the world stage. But ultimately, my dream is to have the dishes that I have invented handed down through generations.

Heirlooms or secret recipes are quite common, right? I don’t have anything like that. Absolutely anyone can think up a recipe. What I can do is step forward and give advice. Try it! – If nobody tries anything new then new things won’t emerge. I want to put everyone’s ideas, intellect and skills together so combined, we can make something special in the future.

I also want to contribute what I can to improve the overall state of the industry. I am aiming to achieve an environment where it is easy for me to pass down any new information or ideas to other generations. Historically, the majority of ideas that have been handed down through generations are quite simple. After all, it’s hard to pass down things that are too complex. I want to create recipes which others want to try out for themselves, and which also make an impact on Japanese culture.

(interviewer:Osamu Saito writer:Maki Nakahara photographer:Takashi Oka)

Toyonaka Sakurae appearance

Toyonaka Sakurae

Osuka- Bld., 7-10-7, Sakuranocho, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka, 560-0054, Japan
10 minutes from Shoji Station on the Osaka Monorail.