All my past experience and everyday activities appear in my sweets.

Kinzo Nishihara


Be sincere in work and with people while enjoying life as hard as I can.

As I hear from you, I get the impression that you are pretty stoic.

Mr. Nishihara:
No, no. I am basically a very carefree person. Like going to France without learning French well enough!

But the reason why I have had a great career up until today is that, as I said earlier, I grew up, receiving an upbringing full of love during my childhood, and I could take my mother’s teaching, “wholeheartedly,” to heart.

I do not have business talents like how to earn more in a short time effectively. But giving my all to people, and to sweets, to go beyond recettes, were things I could do.

Is there any other reason that you could build a great career?

Mr. Nishihara:
Well, of course I have been doing my work with dreams and hope, but honestly I think I was led by a mysterious power.

The important thing is not to hope that my desire comes 100% true. If 50% of it comes true, the rest is “Where do I go from here?” Even if you choose wrong and take a long way, it is not a negative.

You seem to enjoy your life.

Mr. Nishihara:
Because I play every day!

I live while enjoying my hobby so much. If there is a measurement of happiness, I think I’m right now at 100%. When you are satisfied, you can do a good job.
If your days and life are rich, that reflects in your work.

And there is an influence from my wife, too. I am a negative person by nature but on the other hand, she is positive by nature. She often says, “Is it okay that I am so blessed?!”
So now I am enjoying my life with my wife to the maximum.


Not closing but graduating. I had decided the closing day on the day it was opened.

You have declared that Patisserie au Grenier D’or will be closed in 2018.
What is the purpose of that?

Mr, Nishihara:
When I opened it at the age of 48, I had decided to close the shop when I turn 65.
That there is the influence of Mr. Joel Robuchon. Mr. Robuchon declared “I will retire at the age of 50,” and he actually followed through.

Mr. Robuchon had a philosophy on this: “There is a limit to continuing to manage a shop while keeping three stars all the time and maintaining popularity. Concentration does not last long enough to show the talent.”

I want to be 100% of myself every day. In order to do so, it is better to know the destination to aim for. I decided to perform using my power in this time that is limited.

You are working while feeling the finiteness of time. Please tell me your plans after closing.

Mr. Nishihara:
When I close the store when I turn 65 next year, I am thinking about taking a new step forward.
Instead of closing, I would rather say that I am graduating.

There are various things that I would like to try. What kind of wind blows, where I am going, or if I grow, I don’t know. But I am storing power to grow.

As for my current goal, it is to take my staff to the next stage, taking Patisseri au Grenier D’or to the next level.

So you did not think about passing your store to the next generation.

Mr. Nishihara:
Yes. In this shop there are my son and my right-hand employee, but I am not thinking about passing it to them. I want them to experience building a store from nothing.
But instead, I am willing to invest in my son’s endeavors. I am here like this because of the understanding and support of my parents.

This might not be my place to say, but I would like the media, such as Foodion, to interview those people who are the “future.” There comes an anxiety and tense atmosphere in front of them, not knowing whether or not things will go well. Men our age tend to talk about things as they happened in the past. For active chefs, I think they would feel more reality hearing from those people.



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