Happiness from simply standing in the kitchen. That happiness is my everything, and energizes me to keep going.

Takako Imaki

wasabi Takako Imaki

The voices of employees work as a background music

Is there something that you value as you manage and run your restaurant?

One thing that I felt after visiting and experiencing France was that it was a given that you serve your customers good food. What was important was other things, such as creating a comfortable atmosphere for our customers or giving them an enjoyable experiences. This is determined already by the tone of the voice of our employees as they answer the phone to write down your reservation. Every sound the store creates serves as background music. The reason I was able to view the arrangement of space and sound in a dimensional way is mostly due to the French philosophy of “enjoying food and eating.” Moreover, I worked in the service arena in “BISTRO vingt-cinq” for a long time, so I learned about the importance of service as well. The cooking and service are both equally valuable, and that’s something I want to pursue in our restaurant.

French food has wonderful artisanship, and Japanese food has the beauty and incorporation of seasons that touches the DNA of any Japanese person. I use my cumulative experience in training to add to my happiness from simply being able to stand in the kitchen… This is what keeps me going.

Do you have any goals or dreams for the future?

We renovated the second floor of the restaurant in January of 2015, and opened up the bar “AWA” where customers can enjoy my favorite drink, champagne. It was originally a place where 6 tables for “wasabi” were set, but I had the desire for our customers to enjoy freshly fried katsu at the counter, and to provide food and service while directly interacting with the customers. Of course, we now have less seats for “wasabi,” but I’m getting older, and I want to continue to improve not by enlarging the scale but by maintaining the quality by decreasing the scale a little bit.

Since there are many famous Osaka restaurants in Hozen-Ji Alley, I’m wishing that the space would be used as a small area for Apéritif (alcohol before a meal) for customers that are planning to dine elsewhere. I want it to be a waiting bar for Hozen-Ji Alley, if you will.

(Interviewer: Osamu Saito, Writer: Keiko Ikegawa, Photographer:Wakana Noya)

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