Announcement of Foodion Ambassador 2019!

After a fierce debate among Foodion Ambassador Committee, we are delighted to announce and introduce you our Foodion Ambassador 2019 members. The Commitee REALLY had a hard time on selection since we have received so many “love letters” from our users. We promised you that we have checked the application one by one and spent a great amount of time to reached our final decision.

The Committee made the final call based on the following elements.

・The applicant is Foodion’s heavy user. His/her posts reflect their personality, originality and are always inspirational.
・The applicant does make effort on influencing and interacting with other users.
・The applicant agrees on our concept of “Make food more creative” and want to grow and prosper in cooking with Foodion by participating in Foodion related activities.

We have already planned a series of activity for the ambassadors as well as for all users in the near future. Don’t forget to turn on your notification and check out in Foodion frequently!

We will recruit Foodion Ambassador irregularly.
If you could not make it in time or are not selected this time, we welcome you to participate in our future recruitment!
The Foodion project team wish you enjoy our service, and would like to have your continued support.

Here are the Foodion Ambassador 2019 Members, check their profiles and ask them about their passion for the industry!

Masahiro Yoshikawa @mmyy

野田一寿 @kazutoshi

Sotani Saori @montecrew

榎田 光 @enori

芝池一真 @56567878ks

Akiyama Kouji @bistro galue

Chaen Kazuma @cirociro

遠山 悟司  @HISUI201


Tsurumi Atsushi @ay0926

芳野 晃一 @wanotakumi

Murayama Yusuke @Chefyusuke

Hashimoto Takayoshi @Takayoshi Hashimoto

Miyamoto Hideyuki @toriko-chef

Ogasawara Itaru @eataru

坂門 祐介 @sweetyears


kikuchi koki @52121018

Makino tiku @makinomi

Oka Terunobu @okateru

Marin Vukman @vukii994

Venetis Kyrlis @ben1

Menad Berkani @MenadBerkani

Tolga Doğan Chef @ChefTolga

Mario oliveira @Anytimesushi2017

Thyago Rocha @Thyagorocha

Irina Bogdanovich @Iris_bakery

Edgar Fernandez Carrera @eferca

Ijichi Toshiyuki @SmileyChinchilla

Hisaoka Kampei @kampei hisaoka

Karel Svec @KarelSvec17

Jude Kelly @JudeKellyChef

Richard Darusa @ChefDarusa


※We have already emailed the result to all Ambassadors. If you did not receive our email, please contact immediately.

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