Winners of The 1st Foodion Photo Award

The 1st Foodion Photo Award was held from November 1st – November 30th, 2018.
As a result of strict selection, we are delighted to introduce you the winners and their posts!

We have received 55 excellent posts for #FoodionPA01 around the world! The Foodion Photo Award comittee rewarded 10 winners from the candidates’ pool based on the posts’ popularity, richness of the information and its originality.

Congratulations to all the winners and applause for all participants.

The 2nd Foodion Photo Award will be held in the near future. Watch for our announcement and join the contest!

※Award winning notification were sent to all winners by email. Please be aware that the Prize won’t be issued if we do not receive the reply within certain period.

Kumar Vikas @vikas223

Rocha Thyago @Thyagorocha

Hashimoto Takayoshi @runio7

Murayama Yusuke @yuusuke_murayama

Kelly Jude @JudeKellyChef

Carrera Edgar Fernández @EFerca

Oka Terunobu @okateru

Trần Vincent @VincentTran


Hatashita Kouhei @kuhihtst59