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Foodion Ambassador Project, Start.

Application form here for submission 

“I want to send messages on exploring the possibilities of cooking to the world!”
“I’d like to grow and prosper in cooking with Foodion going forward!”

If you have same thoughts as above, why not apply for “Foodion Ambassador”?

What is “Foodion Ambassador”?
It refers to the users who agree on our concept of “Make food more creative” and want to grow and prosper in cooking with Foodion by participating in Foodion related activities.

Benefits of “Foodion Ambassador”?
1.Your account will be certified as ambassador with official mark.
2.What is official mark? : A check mark next to your account name indicates that the account is genuine.
3.If you post wonderful photos to Foodion participating for the campaigns we organize, Foodion will actively spread!
4.We will share your posts on Foodion’s Facebook page (currently 600,000 Like), Instagram page (about 15,000 Followers)!
5.Early access to events that have limitation on particpants’ number.
6.We present you stamps of “Foodion Ambassador” for sticking at your store and cards containing QR code for downloading Foodion App.
7.Your opinions will be heard on other campaigns we organize.

Period for application submission
Oct.22, 2018 AM10:00 (JST) ~ Nov.31, 2018 PM23:59 (JST)

Eligibility for “Foodion Ambassador”, we want you have below qualities:
Work in Food & Beverage Industry
Able to post activities as Ambassador to Foodion
(Please consult and obtain approval from your supervisor of your current work.)
Urge to be an opnion leader thru cooking
Carry the idea for brightening up the future in the cooking industry!

About the flow of choosing Ambassador
We will review your foodion profile, your existing posts and contact you if you’re chosen.
・Ambassador’s term (temporary) : Dec.1, 2018 ~ Nov.30, 2018
Please kindly join Foodion for mutual growth!

Please set to receive mail from [].
If you have not removed the email address from junk box, you might not be able to receive our future notices.
We will contact Foodion Ambassadors from time to time irregularly for different projects.

Apply for Foodion Ambassador
 Click the Application form below for submission 

「Foodion」Project Team

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