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Foodion - a community for culinary professionals

A social media app for chefs, service staff, or people who work in the restaurant industry.

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Foodion is a social media platform widely used by professional chefs, service staff, culinary students, and foodies who just like to eat around.
You can save, post and share things about food, and check posts shared by other fellow chefs.


  • Save culinary records

    For example, you can post new dishes you are working on and send information about ingredients you used.
    You can post, save and share various images related to food.

  • Broaden your culinary world

    People related to the restaurant industry around the world are participating in Foodion.
    We get inspiration by sharing our daily ideas.

  • Connect with culinary professionals

    By sharing information of food tours, you may be noticed by other food professionals who share the same interest with you.
    Foodion is the best tool for network construction and expansion of knowledge other than colleagues.

Things to do

  • Post Photos

    Start by posting and saving food notes.

  • Follow users

    Follow and learn from fellow chefs.

  • Like and Share

    Share your favorite posts to your followers.

  • Search posts and users

    Discover amazing dishes and chefs around the world.

  • Register profiles

    Enriching your profile makes it easier for users to find you.

  • Comment to posts

    Communication is born by commenting on other user’s posts.