Make food more creative.

About Foodion

Foodion is a platform for culinary professionals such as cooks, chefs, waiters/waitresses, and students who want to be those ones.

Using Foodion, you can share your own ideas, cooking, food tour experiences and interact with other professionals. You can also read article interviews of world class chefs who work in the front lines of culinary around the world.

Your work will be more valuable by expanding the network with world culinary professionals such as chefs, chefs, pastries, sommeliers, garcons and finding new perspectives.

We believe that the platform Foodion will create a community for culinary professionals, so that it make a new wave in the culinary industry.

Make food more creative.

Let’s connect with culinary professionals all over the world!

Foodion for Mobile

A media website for a better food industry

“Foodion” is the community for culinary professionals, cooks, chefs, waiters, sommelier, students who intend to be them, and foodies.

You can log about food, products, food tour maps, events and so on. Moreover, you can check culinary professionals’ post so that you might be able to have a connection with them all around the world.